MacWireless Releases New Beta Version Of 802.11 Wireless Card

MacWireless has released a new beta version of the MacWireless 802.11b PC Card, bringing it to version b5. The PC Card is designed for wireless laptop connection. The latest version features a signal strength bar and other enhancements. According to MacWireless:

MacWireless announces the release of OS 10.2 beta 5 software for their 100-milliwatt 802.11b PC Card.

The MacWireless 802.11b PC Card has substantially better range than AirPort cards in PowerBook Titanium, with no disassembly required.

This latest release adds the following features and functionalities:

iMacWireless 802.11b PC Cardi System Preference:

  • added signal stregth bar
  • added error statistics
  • status or statistics tabs are now updated every 0.5 seconds instead of previous every 1 second
  • Encryption settings are now automatically updated based on the selected AP
  • file attributes in the package overwrites those on disk

You can find more information about the latest MacWireless 802.11b PC Card beta release at the MacWireless Web site. The MacWireless 802.11b PC Card is available for US$89.98.