MacWireless Ships New Line of AirPort Antennas announced Wednesday it is now shipping its new line of AirPort antennas, including external whip antennas and two high-end outdoor omni antennas.

The 4dBi whip AirPort antenna, at US$49.98, is designed to shape and extend the signal from the Macis built-in AirPort wireless card on PowerBooks with an AirPort Card or a MacWireless 11g PC Card with antenna port, PowerMacs with an AirPort Card or a MacWireless 11g PCI Card, and iMacs and eMacs. Some Mac models may require modification to allow the antenna cable to exit the computer, such as the 12-inch PowerBook, the company said in a prepared statement.

The Outdoor Omni Antenna is designed for general outdoor wireless coverage as well as specialized applications such as recreational vehicles or marine use. It is available in two signal outdoor strengths: 6.5dBi and 9dBi, at $79.97 and $99.98, respectively.