MacZ Spoftware Shipping Phptunest 1.0

MacZ Software has released a new app for Mac users, phptunetest 1.0. phptunetest is a utility designed for converting iTunes XML libraries into HTML tables. The app ships with several features including support for CSS and MySQL. According to MacZ Software:

phptunest is a script written in PHP , which converts your iTunes Music library from XML format to nice HTML table. It allows you to customize the resulting HTML page in many ways and has few nice features:

  • Use your own CSS styles to change the look of HTML page
  • Sort your song library with any visible column(s)
  • Include only those columns you want
  • Supports gzip compression of HTML data
  • Works with or without MySQL backend. Using MySQL saves a lot of memory and makes phptunest more efficient
  • Supports low-memory non-sorting parsing
  • Can write output data into static HTML file
  • Works with PHP 4.1 or later
  • Completely free and open source

You can find more information about the phptunetest release at the MacZ Software Web site. phptunetest is available as freeware.

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