Mac BU Highlights Ledger Sheets in Office 2008 Sneak Peek #3

In the Mac Business Unit (Mac BU) Office 2008 for Mac, Sneak Peek # 3, Ledger Sheets are showcased.

"Ledger Sheets harnesses the power of Excel by making it simple to handle common financial management tasks with the help of pre-formulated cells. Accessible from the Elements Gallery, it streamlines tasks for those who aren?t Excel wizards while adding an element of convenience for those proficient in Excel. Home and small business users can easily balance checkbooks, track accounts or manage investment portfolios without having to fuss with formulas," Microsoft said.

Office 2008 for Mac: Excel

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is scheduled for "release to manufacture" (RTM) in December and ship on January 15th, 2008.