Mac Business Expo To Offer Hands-On Look At OS X Beta

Is your head swirling from the bevy of announcement coming out of this weekis Apple Expo? If you are like us, your main focus is likely on OS X Beta. Now, The Computer Store has announced that Appleis representatives will be at this weekis Macintosh Business Expo to give complete demonstrations of OS X Beta. According to The Computer Store:

Today, The Computer Store ( announced that a key member of the Mac OS X development team will demonstrate Mac OS X public beta version at the12th annual Macintosh Business Expo ( in Seattle, Sept. 15 at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.

The announcement came just after the beta?s official debut at the Apple Expo in Paris early this morning where new versions of the iBook were also introduced. The new iBook?s features include iMovie 2 video editing software, a firewire port, an AV port, a DVD ROM drive, a larger hard drive, a faster processor speed and a choice of three colors; Indigo, Special Edition Graphite and Key Lime.

Mac OS X has been labeled the single most important recent release from Apple. At the Macintosh Business Expo, Apple will demonstrate the capabilities of this next generation operating system first-hand.

Features of the new OS X version include; preemptive multitasking and protected memory, the Aqua user interface with its easy-to-use screen elements and photo-quality icons will replace the Chooser, Apple Menu, and Control Strip. Although the official version of Mac OS X is not set for release until early 2001, information on availability and on how to get a copy of the Mac OS X public beta version will be available.

Other events to expect at the Expo include; a gaming pavilion with more than 25 iMac gaming stations loaded with the hottest games, more than 20 seminars with topics such as Filemaker, Photoshop and DV Creators, exhibits by some of the computer industry?s leading manufactures such as Epson, NEC, Mitsubishi, Hewlett-Packard, DV Creators and Adobe, one-day only show specials at the sales pavilion such as a free Epson printer with any Apple Computer purchased at the Expo.

You can find more information at the Mac Business Expo web site.