Mac Dynamic DNS Client Offers Support For More Services

James Sentman has released new plug-ins for his dynamic IP locater, Mac DynDNS. Mac DynDNS, in conjunction with a number of free online services, allows users that are issued dynamic IP addresses to be reached via one plain English URL. According to Mr. Sentman:

This is an announcement that new service plugins are available for the freeware Macintosh Dynamic DNS client. This client allows you to automatically have a DNS name updated with several of the free dynamic dns services available on the Internet. With this you can run servers or reach your computer even if your ISP doesnit provide you with a static IP address.

The new plugins are for:

This brings the total number of supported services to 7. The originally supported services are:,,,, and

You must already have the client software installed on your machine before installing these plugins. The client and the installer comes in 68k, PPC and Carbon versions.

The new plug-ins are available for free. You can find more information at Mr. Sentmanis Web site.