Mac Genius Releases Plethora Of Tribute & Patriotic Banners

Mac Genius Bill Soucy of the soon-to-be-opened Albany Apple Store has released a whole slew of banners for Web sites interested in offering tribute to the victims of last weekis terrorist attacks. The banners and animations are free for the taking. According to Mr. Soucy:

Hello all I just wanted to let you know I have started a little Web site that has some patriotic web banners. I wanted to do something so this is what I came up with, use them in your e-mail, throw them on a Web site, if you have one, or tell people who do. Its small but I think its something that needed to be done, I like seeing the American flag everywhere and the web is no exception.

Its small now but I will be adding to it.

You can find the images at Mr. Soucyis Web site that he set up just for this.