Mac Icon Site Relaunches, Offers New Icon Set has relaunched with a new design and a new set of Mac icons. is the maker of the Liquid Folder icon set, and they have released a similar set called Cobalt. According to

At the stroke of midnight on Christmas, Mendelini ripped the soiled tarp off of the all-new

It has been about three months since the Mendelini site fell off of the face of the internet, mostly due to the distraction of non-net projects of "Remote Control" and "Four Chapters" (the former which makes its net debut on the site), but now weire back in action and we hope the wait was worth it for fans.

Highlights from the new site:

  • New, sexy design
  • System Cobalt, the first in a series of "metal" icon sets coming from Mendelini. It is compatible with the Iconfactoryis iControl.
  • "Remote Control," the new film from Mendelini
  • Mendelini Design — we are now offering freelance visual design.

All your favorites have returned as well - most of them having been tweaked and updated. The Mendelini decade starts now!

You can find the Cobalt icon set at