Mac Internet Call Management Service Now Available (With Pic)

InfoInterActive, who last week announced that they were bringing their Internet Call Management service to the Macintosh, has made it official. ICM2000 for the Macintosh allows Mac users to manage their voice calls while using their phone connection for Internet Access. The service provides users with a number of real-time options, including answering the call, sending the caller a pre-recorded message, or sending the call to voice mail. According to InfoInterActive:

InfoInterActive announced today the general availability of ICM2000 for Macintosh the second Macintosh release of IIAis patented Internet CallManager (ICM) service.

Internet Call Manager is the worldis first and foremost Internet call management service. It allows Internet users to monitor and manage incoming telephone calls while connected to the Internet. Originally released for Windows, InfoInterActive has since developed versions for both the Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Each version is designed to address the specific needs and computing practices of the end-user.

"A high percentage of Macintosh users spend time on-line. In fact, 93% of iMac users and 90% of iBook users are connected to the Internet," said Bob Richardson, vice-president of marketing and sales for InfoInterActive. "For these millions, ICM is indispensable - offering the ability to handle incoming calls while on-line easily and affordably."

Like ICM 2000 for Windows, ICM 2000 for Macintosh notifies subscribers of incoming calls with an interactive pop-up window that displays the calleris name, phone number, city and state. Using the serviceis powerful call management options, users can answer incoming calls, transfer them to another phone number such as a cell phone or acknowledge them with one of two messages - choosing from professionally recorded announcements or messages they have recorded themselves. They can also ignore calls incomplete privacy or transfer them to voice mail.

ICM2000 service starts at US$4.95/month. You can find more information at the Internet Call Management Web site.