Mac Made "Radio Show" Hits The Internet

Fidelity Media has announced the grand opening of MegaSegRadio. MegaSegRadio is the new online showcase of what MegaSeg for professionals can do. The new show is also produced exclusively on Macs. According to Fidelity Media:

Fidelity Media announced the launch of, their online showcase of MegaSeg for professional online broadcasting. The live broadcast is completely run using Mac computers. "MegaSeg Radio is a excellent example of how you can use Macs to run a professional, seamless music mix for online radio stations or live DJ events", said Jason Cox, President of Fidelity Media. "Our studios have two iMacis... one for running MegaSeg, and the other running Sorenson Broadcaster to digitize and send our stream to our Mac OS X QuickTime Streaming Server."

MegaSeg is not limited to audio. Itis also a video automation system created to mix all QuickTime supported video and Flash animations similar to TV stations. MegaSeg allows you to set custom cue-in and out times for media elements preventing "dead air". Teamed with Sorenson Broadcaster on a second Mac, and QuickTime Streaming Server software, you can create your own professional online radio or video station.

You can check out the new show at the MegaSegRadio Web site.