Mac Mailing Label Software Updated

Pay&Play Software has introduced a new version of Mail Merge Pro, bringing the app to version 2.0. Mail Merge Pro is designed to help you make and print mailing labels, providing a variety of tools to that end. The new version includes new features and support for Mac OS X. From Pay&Play:

Pay&Play Software today introduced Mail Merge Pro (MMP) for MacOS 9 and MacOS X 10. Mail Merge Pro is a powerful, professional label and mail merge application. Choose from over 800 Avery presets or create your own! Use built in drawing tools to get just the right look.

Mail Merge Pro combines a powerful feature set with ease of use:

  • Available in both a Classic and OS X version.
  • Over 800 Avery presets
  • Create your own label formats
  • Merge data from a text file
  • You can use different font, style, size, justification, and color for the label text
  • Design your own borders and backgrounds
  • Add almost any type of image
  • Scale the image to the exact size you want
  • Precise placement of images and text objects
  • Start from any label on the sheet
  • great for partially used sheets of labels
  • Print as many copies of any label you wish
  • On-line tutorial available

Mail Merge Pro requires Mac OS 9.x or OS X (Classic version available for MacOS 8.x), Carbon Lib 1.0.4 or higher, a PowerPC™ Macintosh computer, 25 MB of free RAM, a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher with 16 bit color (thousands of colors), and QuickTime™.

You can find more information on Mail Merge Pro at the companyis Web site. The product is priced at US$49.95.