Mac Mailing Lists Get Musical Feel

Eric Prentice, more popularly known as The Macintosh Guy, has started two new Mac discussion lists, both focused on the musical side of the Macintosh. The iTunes list and the and the Mac Professional Audio list provide great resources for those of us that are more musically inclined. According to Mr. Prentice:

Greetings. Iim excited to announce two new email discussion lists

Mac Professional Audio
A forum to discuss anything related to professional audio on the Macintosh.MIDI, music hardware and software, audio editing, and really any Macintoshbased digital audio for music, film, or broadcast.Sending a message to will being the subscription process.

A forum to discuss the issues that relate to using, and troubleshootingAppleis iTunes and MP3 on the Mac in general.Sending a message to will being the subscription process.

You can find more information about these lists, as well as a wide array of others, at The Macintosh Guy Web site.