Mac Networkers Retreat Expands with Wireless Deployment Course

Mac Retreats announced Advanced Wireless Design and Deployment, the latest addition to its Mac Networkers line up, Friday morning. The class, taught by networking expert Dr. Bill Wieking, will discuss network planning, setup and security for any size network.

Dr. Wieking is known for designing wireless networks operating across Denali National Park and Hawaiiis volcanos, along with some of the largest wireless networks in the world.

Paul Kent, President of Mactivity, the retreat organizer, said "This is the definitive course on 802.11 wireless networking, and weire honored to have one of the worldis leading educators coming to the Mac Networkers Retreat to teach it."

The Mac Networkers Retreat runs from October 30th through November 1st, 2005, at the Seascape Hotel in Aptos, California. The retreat costs $795 and includes meals.