Mac OS Guru Shipping Preview Of DBCopy Tool

Mac OS Guru has released a preview version of DBCopy Tool for MySQL. DBCopy Tool for MySQL is a utility designed for copying MySQL tables between remote and local servers. The app includes a PHP Tunnel interface for copying without direct connections to the server. According to Mac OS Guru:

InterServices New Media announces the immediate availability of DBCopy Tool for MySQL (Preview).

DBCopy Tool is an easy to use graphical interface to copy MySQL tables and databases between remote and local MySQL database servers. With the included PHP Tunnel interface, DBCopy Tool even makes copies from MySQL tables and databases hosted with ISPis without a direct connection to the MySQL database server.

DBCopy Tool is designed for Web site and database developers and administrators to easily create copies of a database driven Web sites for customer presentations and development. DBCopy Tool is available as free add-on for users of SQL4X Manager J (Professional and Enterprise Edition only), MySQL4X Manager (Professional Edition only) and eSuite4X.

You can find more information about the DBCopy Tool for MySQL preview release at the Mac OS Guru Web site. DBCopy Tool for MySQL is available as freeware.