Mac OS X: There Is No Succedaneum. Spelling Bee Winner's Dad Wearing OS X T-Shirt

The media has been full of stories about the young man named Sean Conley who won the national Spelling Bee by correctly spelling Succedaneum. If you havenit already heard that word 7,294 times in the last 24 hours, you might be curious about its meaning. We like (Succedaneum), it makes a great substitute for a hard back dictionary. Anyway, imagine our pleasure when Observer Frank Baird sent us a note about an image he saw at Yahoo! of young Sean, his mother Bry, and his dad Mike. Take a closer look at Mike. Thatis a big fat Mac OS X T-shirt he is wearing. From Mr. Bairdis note:

If you take a look at the winner of the National Spelling Bee, his dad is wearing what appears to be an OS X T-shirt. Proof that Mac users are smarter!

If you are reading this, you probably needed no further proof that Mac users are smarter, but getting a little outside confirmation can never hurt! Young Sean won US$10,000, which is just enough for a brand new fully loaded G4, a 22" Cinema Display, and a high end iBook for goini mobile according to our calculations. Thereis even some money left over to take care of taxes too. Thatis what we would do at least...

Thanks to Observer Frank Baird for the note.