Mac OS X Users: Dr. Mac Is Looking For X Tips, Offering Autographed Books & 15 Minutes Of Fame

Bob "I Have Almost 40 Published Mac Books" LeVitus sent us a note announcing a contest of sorts. Dr. Mac is getting ready to publish the first Dr. Mac book in a number of years, and itis all about being a Mac OS X power user. Like past Dr. Mac books, "Dr. Mac: The OS X Files - How to Become a Mac OS X Power User" will have a chapter with power tips from Mac power users. In order to get those tips, he is offering autographed copies of the book and 15 minutes of fame to go with it. From Bob LeVitus:

Iim happy to announce that The Coriolis Group will release the long-awaited sequel to my three previous Dr. Macintosh titles. The new book is: "Dr. Mac: The OS X Files" (subtitle: "How to Become a Mac OS X Power User") and will be released early next year.

The Dr. Mac books had a unique feature -- a chapter called "What Other Power Users Think You Should Know," made up entirely of tips submitted by other power users. It was, in my humble opinion, the best part of the book and one of the biggest reasons those books were so popular.

I want to do it again in this book. So I am having a contest. I will give away up to 200 free, autographed copies to deserving Mac users.

Hereis how your readers can win a copy of their own:

Submit your best Mac OS X power user tips, hints, undocumented shortcuts, techniques, or tutorials. If you have a favorite utility or program, submit a description of it and why itis so great, or a tip for using it. And, if your OS X desktop is way-cool, submit a screen shot with a description. Cool desktops will even get their own chapter -- "Cool Mac Desktops of the Power User Elite."

If your submission is selected for inclusion in the book, I will:

  1. Publish your name with your tip (if you want me to), giving you at least 15 minutes of fame (give or take, depending how long it takes to read your submission...).
  2. Say something nice about you and your powerful Mac-ing skills.
  3. Send you an autographed copy, inscribed any way you like. (The book, which will include a CD-ROM full of the best OS X shareware, freeware, and demoware, will sell for $39.99.)

The contest will end Monday, November 26th at midnight. In the case of duplicate submissions, the entry with the earliest time-stamp will get the goodies.

You can find more information on the contest at Bob LeVitusi Web site.