Mac Observer Feature Upgrades: New MOSN Archives

We are making more improvements to The Mac Observer, and today we are happy to announce that our Mac OS News Around The Web (MOSN) archives are being made into something usable. Mac OS News Around the Web is our collection of daily news links around the Web. We are implementing a new design for the MOSN archives that places each day in its own easy to download Web page instead of the "put each dayis content into a single monthly file that is way too large to wait for while it downloads" format we have used until now. When visiting the MOSN archives, you will now see this format:

February 2001 MOSN Archives

We have almost two years of MOSN archives, and will be moving to this format for each preceding month during the next couple of weeks. Thanks to the many Observer who have written to us (over the last two years) suggesting this change.

Bryan Chaffin
The Mac Observer