Mac Shareware Game Gets A Price Cut

Cosmologik has announced a price reduction in their Mac shareware game, A60 Rescue Mission. A60 Rescue Mission is a combat game that puts you in charge of a "powerfully armed vessel." The company has lowered the price to US$15 in hopes of interesting more people in the game. According to Cosmologik:

Cosmologik, the creator of the popular action game A60 Rescue Mission announced today a hot summer deal on the game as well as a more challenging preview release.

In A60 Rescue Mission, you take command of a highly maneuverable and powerfully-armed vessel. Your mission is to save all probes and avoid computer-generated enemies through increasingly challenging levels.

A60 Rescue Mission has now been downloaded thousands of time, making it one of the most popular downloads at Now itis even more affordable! Starting today, and for a limited period only, Cosmologik is offering the game at a 40 percent discount off the regular price. The players will now pay only $15 to get access to the full version and all of itis 82, action-packed, missions. "We want to put this game into the hands of a wider range of gamers", said Mr. Patrice Audet, Cosmologikis co-president. "This is our gift to those 4000 players who already downloaded the game", added Mr. Audet.

Cosmologik has also put together an entirely new preview release of the game which shows more of the action that A60 Rescue Mission is capable of.

You can download the demo and get more information on the game at its Web page. The game is now priced at US$15. You can register the game at Kagiis shareware payment site.