Mac Shareware Picks And MUG News On The Mac Show

Itis Wednesday, and that means its time for another Mac Show. The Mac Show is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast about the Mac industry in the style of a radio talk-show. Tonightis guests include Jon McCarron of and Chuck Joiner of the Mac User Group Center. From the Mac Show:

The Featured Guest on The Mac Show this Wednesday will be Jon McCarron of with the Shareware Picks of the Month. John scours through the huge Mac library at and, each month, appears on the show to let you in on the latest and greatest!

The Mac Showis Special Guest this Wednesday will be Chuck Joiner, the showis User Group Correspondent. In the September installment of the User Group Focus, correspondent Chuckis guest will be Mike Henigan of the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group to talk about their upcoming Maclanta Xpo, which features training sessions, vendor presentations and a swapfest. And, if youire a MUG member, tune in for a chance to win Spring Cleaning 4.0 and Aladdin FlashBack from Aladdin and InfoGenie from Casady & Greene.

In the Tech Tips segment sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, Shawn talks to Lon Baker, Chief Technology Officer of Peter Cohen of MacCentral will be talking about the latest Mac Game News, Mark Stevens will have another segment of Mac Media Pro.

In the Mac Basics segment, Ron Fairbairn has been a regular contributor. The Mac Show welcomes another one this week to help new users figure out their Macs. Patrice Matteson, "The Mac Mom", will kick off her regular segment this evening. If you are or know of a Mac using Mom, make sure to tune in to this very special segment!

The Mac Show is live this and every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm PT, 9-11pm ET and is the most fun youill have listening to your Mac! And join in the Chat Rooms on the World Without Borders site at or on the servers on IRC in the #macshowlive Channel.

You can tune in to the show by visiting the Mac Showis Web site at 8:00 PM Central (6:00 PM Pacific).