Mac Sighting: iSub Still Used In Year 2145

Most Mac users who saw AI this weekend probably noticed the iSub in one of the scenes of the movie. As that portion of the movie is set in the mid-22nd century, we thought it interesting when we saw it. Observer Alan Keith Carver also noticed it and sent us a note. From Observer Alan:

So I saw A.I. last night. The production design was really incredible. I was impressed with everything, even down to the doorknobs.

One thing that was a pleasant surprise, was the iSub subwoofer from Harmon Kardon thatis on a table late in the film. Thereis no explanation as to what itis supposed to be, but it fit the whole look of the movie.

The iSub did indeed appear on a table as the camera was moving slowly down a long room. Thanks for the note, Alan! If you have a Mac sighting, let us know!

We ask any Observer who might post in the comments below not to post any spoilers for the movie. We have a forum thread about AI where spoilers can be more easily dealt with by people who wish to avoid them, and encourage you to talk about the movie there. If you are interested in AI, check out the movieis Web site. That site offers a QuickTime movie trailer, and an incredible Flash site that includes a time line, images, and an awful lot more.