Mac Software Emulator For TTY/TDD Updated

Intelligent Products has announced an update to SoftTTY to version 1.2. SoftTTY is a software emulator that allows you to use your Mac to talk to those without hearing who are using a TTY/TDD device. The new version includes performance enhancements. According to Intelligent Products:

I am pleased to announce the availability of version 1.2 of SoftTTY, the TTY emulator for the Macintosh. A TTY (aka TDD) is a device that allows people to communicate with their deaf (or hard of hearing) friends or relatives over the telephone. This update has improved performance and includes many new features.

New Features

  • Added a call timer.
  • "Redial" and "Dial relay" buttons have been added to toolbar.
  • Added an option for separate outside-line prefix for long-distance numbers.
  • Message box and message box lists display number of messages in each box.
  • Loading message boxes during startup is much faster.

Bug fixes

  • TTY calls were being added twice to a message box.
  • Lucent based modems were not detecting rings.
  • Fixed some cosmetic problems with button redrawing.
  • Length of call was sometimes displayed incorrectly.
  • Importing a message box sometimes failed.
  • SoftTTY is slightly more "Appearance Manager" - friendly. Buttons and menus used the font specified from the Appearance Control Panel.
  • SoftTTY would use the wrong serial port after the user cancelled "Auto Configure"
  • SoftTTY now checks to see if the "Toolbar" is lost (somewhere off the screen), and puts it back in its "home" position.
  • SoftTTY sometimes performed incorrectly when "Manual Configure" was cancelled.

You can find more information on the update at Intelligent Productis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$74.99.