Mac Store Opens Three Miles From Microsoft HQ

Owners of the regional chain The Mac Store on Tuesday announced that on Saturday, Dec. 17, they will open a new outlet just three miles from Microsoftis corporate headquarters in Redmond, Wash. The seventh in the chain, the new store will feature the same training facilities and in-house and out-call repair services as the other locations.

"With the popularity of the iPod, and the resulting growing popularity of the Mac and Apple in general, we thought it was time to see Redmond with a Mac Store in its backyard," Kevin Anderson, CEO of Computer Stores NW, said in a statement. "Despite the presence of Microsoft as a major employer in that area, we know there are many Mac devotees in their ranks, and of course the area has great demographics for the iPod and all its accessories."

Mr. Anderson added that the store will have Groucho Marx glasses on hand for use by any Microsoft employee "who wants to protect his or her identity while shopping in an Apple-based store."