Macclubs Web Site Seeks New Members

Chip Winter Studios has created a new Mac only Web site aimed at loyal Mac enthusiasts. Macclubs is a monthly club designed to deliver Mac fonts, games and art by searching the Web, and posting new finds at the club homepage. According to Chip Winter Studios:

In the first major effort to regularly deliver creative Mac content over the Web, Chip Winter Studios has announced the launch of Macclubs, home of monthly clubs delivering fonts, art and games to members.

Macclubs searches the Web for quality Macintosh-only fonts, art and games, and then delivers them to club members. The five clubs opening at the launch include: Fonts of the Month Club, Fonts of the Month Club Professional, Art of the Month Club, Art of the Month Club Professional, and Games of the Month Club.

You can find more information about Macclubs at the Macclubs Web site. Annual memberships start at US$29.95.