MachineWorks Updated With Improved Reporting

MachineWorks Ltd. has released an update for MachineWorks, bringing it to version 6.1. MachineWorks is a utility designed for the simulation of manufactured and machined products. The update features improved reporting options and new engine development. According to MachineWorks Ltd:

MachineWorks Ltd, the worldis leading supplier of simulation and verification solutions, has announced today the release of MachineWorks™ v6.1 .

V6.1 has been led by the requirements of MachineWorks’ customers. The MachineWorks team have listened to customeris issues and included their requirements in v6.1 enhancements.

Some of the analytical enhancements include improved gouge and undercut reports throughout all four engines. In addition, it is possible to obtain information on the geometry of the solid, determining whether it is open or concave.

MachineWorks has also carried out development on specific engines to harmonise capabilities across the full range of technologies.

You can find more information about the MachineWorks update at the MachineWorks Ltd. Web site. MachineWorks pricing information available by contacting the MachineWorks Ltd. sales team.