Macworld Magazine Offers Digital Hub Special Issue

So you have broadband, and youire all excited about being able to download all sorts of digital goodness. The problem is knowing what cool apps to get and where to get them. We here at TMO have tried to point you to apps you might like or sites you might find interesting, and there are other sites like whose entire existence is dedicated to providing a place to find and download good apps.

With every silver lining, however, thereis usually a dark cloud inside it. For instance, the choices can be so broad that you have a hard time figuring out whatis cool, and whatis crap. Larger apps still take time to download, even with your high speed DSL or cable modem connection, and after you download some apps they can still be a pain to set up, particularly those UNIX conversion apps like BZFlag.

Your Mac is evolving into the Digital Hub that Steve Jobs believed it would become, but all of the tools can be a bit daunting, even on a Mac.

You have to wonder if there is someone, somewhere, who went out and grabbed all of the cool stuff, put it on a DVD, included tips and scripts to help you make the most out of your digital hub, and then tacked on more than $100 in free commercial software. Wonder no more, dear readers, our friends at Macworld Magazine have heard your pleas.

Macworld is now offering an exclusive Digital Hub issue that is so chock full of digital hub goodness that we just had to tell you about it. Full of tips on all things iLife, the Digital Hub issue includes a 32-page reference book and 4 GB of software and commentary on how to best use iLife and your Mac.

You get all of it for $8, a bargain, especially when you consider the free and discounted commercial software that includes CharisMacis Discribe, FWBis Hard Disk Toolkit, and others. Admittedly, some of these apps only work in OS 9.2 or lower, but the upgrades to OS X versions are offered at a discount.

Drop by your local magazine vendor for your copy, or order a copy directly from Macworld.