Macworld Photo Gallery - 39 Pics From The Show Floor

One of our most popular features during a Macworld show is the picture galleries. People who canit make the show like to see what they are missing, and we appreciate the clamor for more pics. Accordingly, we are offering up the first picture gallery taken from the floor.

We have some cool PowerBook accessories, THX speakers, a big blue smiley head, some cool iPod things, Appleis booth, and a lot more.

MWSF 2004 - Floor Picture Gallery I

(Click on the thumbnails to see larger images)
Rugged PowerBook cases from Radtech......just in case someone runs over your PowerBookAltec Lansing speakers with THX
More Altec Lansing speakerswith spiffy external control moduleArmor for your PowerBook and iPod
Big blue smiley from You SoftwareThatis a mean looking amoeba!Cool Mac Stuff
Big blue smiley in the audienceEveryone wants to Jam with ToastThis hard drive array is Huge
OK so it isnit that hugeFunny photo in Epson boothTime to get cooking with your Mac
SightFlex for your iSightHomepod music player from MacsenseiPod regular and mini
iPod mini in different colorsNew USB MIDI keyboardiPod mini
Another iPod miniNew iPhoto can handle lots of picsAnother iPod banner
Apple presentation area is packedGarageBand bannerThe new iLife
Yet another iPod miniThe Xserve G5 up closeDigital video mixer from Datavideo
Mickey at MacworldCool Belkin displayThe history of Microsoft on the Mac
Accelerator from FastmacScary looking ATI creatureContour believes one size doesnit fit all
New iLife suiteAll the new iPod minisGarageBand banner

All photos and captions by John F. Braun.