Macworld Posts Power Mac G5 Benchmarks

Macworld magazine has posted some Power Mac G5 benchmarks that those interested in horsepower will want to check out. James Galbraith ran benchmarks for the new dual 2.7 GHz unit, as well as the new dual 2.3 GHz and dual 2.0 GHz models, and compared them to the previous generation dual 2.0 GHz and dual 2.5 GHz models, and the single processor 1.8 GHz unit.

The results, predictably, showed Appleis new dual 2.7 GHz unit to handily beat all of its siblings, but also showed the dual 2.3 GHz model to compete fairly closely with the previous generationis top model, the dual 2.5 GHz Power Mac. Mr. Galbraith attributed this to the newer machineis faster hard drive.

In addition, Macworld found that the dual 2.5 GHz Power Mac got faster results in Unreal Tournament 2004 than the 2.7 GHz unit.

You can get details on the results, including a handy chart, at Macworldis news page (a.k.a. MacCentral).