Macworld UK Rounds Up Reader Reaction To UK iTMS

Macworld UK has published a piece on reader reaction to the UK iTunes Music Store (iTMS). Just as in the States, reaction is mixed, though some are complaining of unexpected problems. From Macworld UK:

Another reader explains: "From my point of view iTMS is pointless if it limits me to tracks I can get from my local CD store. I was looking forward to buying some of those hard-to-find tracks that havenit had a UK CD release, but I guess Iill be sticking to buying direct from the labels or bands in the US."


But itis not all bad. Many are pleased with Appleis UK pricing structure -- 79p a track or £7.99 an album. Some expected it to be much higher. One reader notes: "I just got the Beastie Boys new album -- it was cheaper then anywhere else I have seen it. Nice."


Another major problem is being experienced by Londoners. One explains: "The UK iTunes Music Store will not accept that London is not in a County and it also rejects my postcode as invalid. Expect to have problems signing up and you live in London."

Thereis more in the full story, which we recommend as an interesting read.