Mad Data Releases Mac Version Of No Limits Coaster Sim

Mad Data is now shipping a Mac version of the app No Limits. No Limits is a rollercoaster simulator designed for custom rollercoaster creation and first-person riding. The app features a track editor for unlimited design possibilities and realistic physics that emulate real world coaster dynamics. According to Mad Cat:

Take a stroll through any amusement park and youill find the longest lines at the rollercoaster. Towering above the fairgrounds, the sweeping arcs and gut-wrenching curves of the coaster command the attention and fear of all who see it.

Rollercoasters have a dedicated following--coaster clubs, conventions, and publications are numerous. Coaster fans travel the world to sample the most popular rides. Now coaster freaks can simulate the thrill and motion of popular coasters right in front of their monitor.

NoLimits v1.35 features a robust Track Editor to build your own rollercoasters using computer-aided design techniques with a speedy wire-frame display. Build your own coasters and test them repeatedly. Steel tube, inverted, hyper-coasters, tunnels, loops, wooden coasters--the NoLimits Track Editor is surprisingly addictive and greatly extends the playing life of the game. NoLimits gives the enthusiast free rides on more than 40 pre-made tracks. Additionally, the sim has proven so popular with coaster enthusiasts that there are hundreds of custom tracks for free download available from the huge NoLimits community.

You can find more information about the Mac version of No limits Roller Coaster Simulator at the Mad Data Web site. No Limits 1.35 is available for US$25.00.