Magnatune Offers Free Album To First Year Customers

Magnatune, the record label that letis you decided how much you want to pay for the music in its stable, is giving away a free album to all of its first year customers. The company sent e-mails to all of its customers who had ordered music during the first year of operations, offering them the free download of their choice from the labelis full catalog.

"We wanted to express our appreciation to customers for their support and give everyone the opportunity to try new music," said John Buckman, founder and CEO of Magnatune, in a prepared statement.

Magnatune has some 173 artists signed up, and the company distributes music online, or in CD format, without any Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes. This contrasts with Appleis iTunes Music Store, or Microsoftis new MSN Music store, both of which add DRM schemes that control where the files can be played.

Magnatune also offers full previews of all its songs, which the company calls a "try before you buy" approach to previewing music.

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