MailTemplate Updated With Quoted Message Support

Abracode has released an update for MailTemplate, bringing it to version 1.1. MailTemplate is an email utility designed for creating templates for multiple recipients. The update features performance enhancements including quoted message support and bug fixes. According to Abracode:

MailTemplate is a new Mac OS X software for creating e-mail messages with templates.

It is a solution to a problem of sending similar messages to different people. It is NOT a bulk mail software, it helps composing messages to individual recipients.

Whatis new in version 1.1:

  • added support for quoted message content in reply messages
  • added new special objects for current date and time
  • fixed a bug that 1 in 10 cases upgraded demo expired immediately instead of prolonging the demo period by 5 days

You can find more information about the MailTemplate update at the Abracode Web site. MailTemplate is available for US$10.00.