Make Your Own Jaguar Fur With MacMerc's New Photoshop Tip

Anyone who has visited Appleis Web site since the MACWORLD Expo will have noticed jaguar fur adorning the trimmings on their MacOS X section, and that very same furry look will grace the large X on the retail box. If jaguar fur is something youid like to add to your next graphic offering, this handy Photoshop tutorial from shows you how to add that to your text. Rick Yaeger writes:

During MacWorld NY 2002, Apple came under fire for many things including charging an annual fee for .mac service (the free for life service previously known as iTools) and for offering no special deal for Mac OS X users who upgrade to version 10.2. As if those werenit bad enough, Apple defaced its own "X" logo by covering it in simulated Jaguar fur. Why would they do such a thing? Sorry I canit offer an answer to that question. I can however offer a suggestion on how you might do the very same thing.

As with our Ubiquitous Aqua Type tutorial, we at MacMerc do not condone the use of Faux Fur Type in any way. We only offer this tutorial for entertainment purposes. The techniques shown below, when used separately, are harmless but when used together as illustrated below without restraint, people may get hurt.

Now that you can consider yourself suitably warned, check out the tutorial at