Make Your Pocket PC Look Like An iPod? (W/Pic)

Folks love the iPod, but then, some folks like their PocketPC. The PocketPC is a Microsoft handheld platform driven by a specialized version of Windows, and it has been quite successful; both HP and Dell have released popular PocketPC models. Now a UK software firm called StarBrite Solutions has released software that will make a PocketPC look, more or less, like an iPod. The software is called pBop, and it puts a very iPod-like interface on a PocketPCis very large screen. From a report from CNet News:

A small British company has released jukebox software for Pocket PC handhelds that closely resembles the design and function of Appleis popular music player. Unlike the iPod, the $20 software, known as pBop, plays only MP3 files and not the AAC files that are sold by Appleis iTunes Music Store.

StarBrite Solutions, the U.K. startup, originally called its software pPod, but said it changed the name to pBop after Apple suggested that the original name might infringe on Appleis iPod trademark.

The company has also made other tweaks to the software in response to Appleis concerns, including altering the layout of the software buttons and including a disclaimer on all its marketing material that it has no connection to Apple or the iPod.

Thereis more information in the full story at CNet Newsi Web site. StarBrite offers the following image on its Web site:

From StarBriteis Web site.

You can find more information on the pBop at StarBriteis Web site.