Mandolux Releases New Set Of Desktop Images

Mando Gomez of has released another new set of desktop images, this one featuring the A340 Airbus. The latest set is available in both standard and letterbox format. According to

I just want to let you know that there are 14 new desktops at The theme of this series is the Airbus A340 jetliner ("The second most beautiful airplane ever made!").

There are also 10 Airbus A340 jetliner images in letterbox format.

If you donit know by now why I put such an important emphasis on the idea of a letterbox desktop is the effect it creates on your display. It makes your display more expansive and the contrast of the image and itis letterboxes (the black bars) helps you feel more comfortable looking at the contents of your computer display. Not to mention that you can clean up your display by putting the icons of your display on those black bars and still keep the essence of the desktop as intended.

You can find these new desktops, and hundreds of others, at the Web site.