Maplesoft Ships New Toolbox For Maple Users

Maplesoft has released a new toolbox for users of Maple 9.5. Maple is a utility designed for mathematical and scientific analysis. The Global Optimization Toolbox is designed to extend Mapleis ability for creating optimization models. According to Maplesoft:

Maplesoft™, the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics, announced today the release of the new Global Optimization Toolbox.

The toolbox extends the power of Maple™ 9.5, the principal desktop productivity environment software from Maplesoft. The Global Optimization Toolbox ensures you obtain the absolutely best answer to modeling problems that have many possible solutions, under complicated constraints. This power is delivered through the easiest to use environment in analytical software.

Optimization models are easily defined using the powerful Maple™ numeric and symbolic system, and then quickly solved by the world-class numeric solvers, all within the rich Maple environment. Within this environment, the user has the additional advantages of natural and flexible problem definition, syntax-free visualizations, and technical knowledge management capabilities, making this a superior tool for solving optimization problems. Application areas include advanced engineering modeling, medical research, chemical processes, and finance.

You can find more information about the upcoming release of Maple 9 at the Maplesoft Web site. Global Optimization Toolbox is available for US$1,695.00.