Marathon Computers Shipping Underside DeskMount

Marathon Computer is now shipping the Marathon DeskMount. The marathon DeskMount is designed for mounting a G3 or G4 tower underneath a desk for safety and security. The mount helps retain access to the front panel while preventing some of the possible dangers of towers that sit on the floor. According to Marathon Computers:

Marathon Computer, makers of rack mount solutions for the Macintosh platform, has introduced a solution for mounting your Macintosh G3 and G4 tower underneath a desk or work surface.

With the Marathon DeskMount, you can retain easy access to your Macis CD/DVD drive doors and front panel buttons and reclaim valuable desk space, while removing from your Mac the dangers of tipping over, rug static and dust bunnies.

DeskMount features include:

  • All-metal construction with black anodized and sleek neutral gray finish
  • Built-in anti-theft features for computer and internals
  • Quick installation with easy, illustrated instructions
  • Installation is easily revertible for return to desktop
  • Does not interfere with AirPort operation
  • Package includes the tools and hardware for attaching to your Mac case; you provide only a Phillips screwdriver and fasteners for attaching the mounting plate to your work surface

You can find more information about the Marathon DeskMount at the Marathon Computers Web site. The DeskMount is available for US$60.00.