Marathon Rubicon Teaser Trailer Released

The fellows over at Rubicon have put together a movie showcasing the work they have done on their upcoming scenario for Marathon Infinity. This add-on for Marathon features:

  • 360+ new textures
  • Over a dozen new characters
  • Tons of new scenery
  • 8 new weapons
  • More solo levels than any other Marathon scenario to date

Aside from all these new features, Rubicon sports a non-linear component to its gameplay. Here is an excerpt from an interview of by IMG that explains the non-linear nature of Rubicon:

There is a good amount of evidence that Bungie originally intended to make Marathon a nonlinear game. Most notably, a lot of under-the-hood infrastructure was built into the game engine that allows players to take different paths through the game. While Bungie never really utilized these features due to time constraints, the Rubicon team was able to work on our game for an essentially unlimited amount of time. To sum it up in a quick sentence, how a player chooses to interpret mission goals (and whether or not to strictly adhere to them) is what impacts how the game plays.

For more details on the add-on Marathon Rubicon, head over to the official site. To view the movie showcasing Marathon Rubicon go to It is well worth a look if your a long time Marathon fan.