Mark Schonewille Releases DIFfersifier 3.0

xTalk prgrammer Mark Schonewille has released version 3.0 of his DIFfersifier software. DIFfersifier allows the user to convert text data in HyperCard, MetaCard, and Revolution stacks. From Mark Schonewille:

Today, Mark Schonewille, a long-time xTalk programmer, releases DIFfersifier 3.0. DIFfersifier 3.0 is a simple utility, which makes conversion of text data in HyperCard, MetaCard and Revolution stacks as easy as possible. The DIF and Merge file formats that are created by DIFfersifier can be imported by most, if not all, well-known database applications. A tab-delimited text format is also available, enhancing flexibility for those who are creating their own database software to replace their database stacks. DIFfersifier can also create HTML tables.

The conversion process only takes a few steps. After starting DIFferisifier, a small window appears. Click the Select Stack button and open a HyperCard, MetaCard or Revolution stack. Choose a file format and a background or group and press enter. After a few seconds, you are asked to give your new file a name and save it.

Advantages of DIFfersifier are: you donit have to write your own script for text export; field names keep preserved if the DIF or Merge formats are chosen; and return characters can be automatically replaced by vertical tabs to make sure that e.g. FileMaker keeps together text that belongs in a single field. DIFfersifier is also particularly useful for those who donithave access to a platform that can run HyperCard. You donit need a classic MacOS to access the data in your HyperCard stacks.

DIFfersifier 3.0 is shareware, and is available now. Two licenses are available: a non-commercial license for 14.95 Euro, and a commercial license for 69 Euro. The software in an unregistered state can convert up to 50 cards.