MarketCircle Business App Wins Award, Announces New Corporate Mac App

News is still filtering out of the recent World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), with Jaguar capturing nearly all the attention, and now Xserve taking center stage, itis hard to notice events that are of equal importance, but to a smaller group of people. One such event occurred at the WWDC, where Marketcircle was named a runner-up in the Apple Design Award content for its OS X based business application, Daylite. This from Marketcircle:

Marketcircle Inc. was excited to receive an Apple Design Award at this yearis World Wide Developers Conference. The Apple Design Awards "recognize innovation, advanced Mac OS X look and feel, use of Apple technologies in our developersi Mac OS X-based products, and new, exciting, and high quality product entries to the Mac OS X market", according to Apple. Marketcircle Inc. was awarded runner-up Best New Mac OS X Product.

Marketcircle DayLite is a comprehensive Contact and Customer Relationship Management application that has been built from the ground-up for Mac OS X. DayLite allows you to manage your Contacts, Projects, and sales leads, known in DayLite as Opportunities. Contacts can play roles in Projects or Opportunities as well as play roles in any number of Organizations. DayLite tracks all appointments, calls, letters, and tasks for these Opportunities, allowing you to better manage your sales process. The sales pipelines and forecasting graphs enable you to increase the efficiency of your sales strategy. DayLite provides an incredibly realistic model of the real world, as well as a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

The company is also announcing a new version of DayLite called Group Edition. Group Edition will be aimed at work groups in corporate environments. From the company:

Marketcircle Inc. is pleased to announce the Group Edition of DayLite. Scheduled to ship this summer, DayLite Group Edition will allow users to share contacts, projects, and the management of sales opportunities at a business-wide level. Instead of storing disparate data files on employee desktops, companies will soon be able to store corporate data in a central, secure location, on a proven and robust relational database.

Contact and Opportunity management is critical in bringing sales leads to fruition, DayLite helps with this process and ultimately increases chances of success of any company in todayis competitive business environment.

Marketcircle will be starting a Beta Program for the Group Edition of DayLite. All organizations interested in participating in the Beta Program are asked to fill out an application at

For more information about DayLite Group Edition at the companyis Web site.