Marketcircle Updates Daylite to Version 3.2.1

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Marketcircle announced a free upgrade to their networked productivity suite, Daylite 3, to version 3.2.1 on Friday. The latest version includes speed enhancements, an updated version of the Openbase database engine, improved importing and exporting to Billings 2 and a number of bug fixes.

Daylite 3 is a database driven, network enabled personal productivity package for Mac OS X that integrates with Appleis Mail application and provides contact management, calendaring, project management, opportunity tracking, task management, appointments and notes. These tools are all elegantly linked in a relational database and interfaced to the user in a Cocoa application.

Daylite 3 is priced at US$149.00 for a single user. Multi-user rates are available. Integration to the Apple Mail application is an additional US$49.00.

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