MassTransit For OS X Beta Released

Group Logic a beta version of MassTransit Enterprise for OS X. MassTransit Enterprise is a file sharing app designed for the publishing industry where large data files are transferred over networks. The beta release brings OS X support to the table and also expanded flexibility. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, developer of best-selling network workflow software products, announced today at Graph Expo and Converting Expo 2003 the beta release of its Mac OS X Native MassTransit Enterprise Server product.

The enhanced version of MassTransit will offer customers a valuable new platform for mission critical file transfers by combining the power of Appleis UNIX-based operating system with the advanced file transfer features of MassTransit.

By combining the power of MassTransit with Macintosh OS Xis capabilities, customers will gain valuable advantages:

  • Superior performance, stability and reliability of MassTransit servers based on the rock-solid, UNIX—based underpinnings of OS X
  • Powerful new options for hosting MassTransit Enterpriseis unique, Web file transfer workflows
  • Integrated security for Web-based file transfer workflows
  • Enhanced flexibility in designing file transfer system architectures through OS Xis networking enhancements

You can find more information about the MassTransit Enterprise for OS X beta release at the Group Logic Web site. MassTransit Enterprise for OS X is scheduled for final delivery in mid to late Q4 2003.