MasterWriter Released For Songwriters From Macworld

MasterWriter, Inc. has released a new app from Macworld, MasterWriter 1.0. MasterWriter is a writing toolkit designed for songwriters and musicians. The app features an advanced database for project organizing and a MIDI drum loop library for beat framework. According to MasterWriter:

Today MasterWriter, Inc. showed for the first time MasterWriter(tm) 1.0 software demonstrating its power for professional songwriters. Written entirely in 4D and running on Mac OS X, MasterWriter is available for demonstration in the 4D Booth.

Designed by songwriters for songwriters, MasterWriter is the first program to fully address all of the challenges of writing a song.

MasterWriter combines robust reference dictionaries, an advanced database for organizing work in progress and complete word processing functionality, plus a hard-disc recorder for melodies, a MIDI drum loop library and Songuard(tm), an online date-of-creation song registration service.

MasterWriter is being previewed to Mac users a week before itis official exclusive BMI world debut to professional songwriters.

You can find more information about MasterWriter 1.0 at the MasterWriter, Inc. Web site. MasterWriter 1.0 is available for US$289.00.