Master Pogue Offers Guidance, Young Mac User

The latest edition of David Pogueis Mastering Your Mac series is posted at the Apple Product Guide web site. This month Mac Master Pogue examines the ins and outs of OS 9is Multiple Users option. According to Apple:

For years, teachers, parents, and computer-lab instructors have struggled to answer a difficult question: How do you rig one Mac so that several different people can use it throughout the day, without interfering with each others? files and settings? And how do you protect a Mac from getting fouled up by mischievous (or bumbling) students and employees?

Some schools, labs, families, and businesses just muddled through as best they could. Others tried installing software like Apple?s old At Ease program. It wasn?t until the release of Mac OS 9 that a solid, reliable, built-in solution to this traditional problem emerged: the Multiple Users control panel.

You can find the full article, and otheris from the Mastering Your Mac series, at the Apple Product Guide web site.