Mastering Mouse Modifier Keys

You may be familiar with Control-click mouse and keyboard combination to open the contextual menu, but there are a few other combinations that sometimes slip under the radar. Hereis some that can help save you time and keystrokes:

  • Make alias Command-Option drag a file or folder to make an alias of the original item.
  • Copy item Option drag an item to duplicate it.
  • Move item Command-Control drag an item to move it from one disk to another without copying.
  • Select contiguous items Click on one item in a list, then Shift-click another to select those items along with everything in between.
  • Select non-contiguous items Click on one item in a list, then Command-click on other items to select only the files or folders you want.

Shift-click (left) to select a series of items. Command-click (right) to select individual items.

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