MaxConnect Debuts G5 Power Mac Expansion Assembly

MaxUpgrades announced Friday the availability of MaxConnect Lite, a CPU Bay internal storage expansion assembly for G5 Power Macs

MaxConnect Lite is a internal storage expansion assembly that enables three additional disk drives to be housed in the lower CPU bay of Power Mac G5. It is made of PolyAcetal thermoplastic, known for its durability and strength.

The system has four bolt hard disk drive attachments, with brackets designed to expose maximum area of the attached drive for heat dissipation without sacrificing strength and rigidity, the Corona, Calif.-based company said.

The disk drive brackets are provides with two guide pins for quick removal and attachment of the disk drive assembly to the base plate, a useful feature provided to mount and unmount disk drives to the base plate during installation or servicing, unlike press fitting directly to the base plate.

To power the additional three hard disk drives in the lower CPU Bay, optional custom power cables are included that split power from the optical drive connector, power from the optical drive bay is routed into the lower CPU Bay via power cable that provides power to the three additional drives with standard hard disk 4-pin connectors.

MaxConnect Lite is available in four different configurations starting at US$74.00.