MaxUpgrades Announces Laptop Sleeve; Cleaning Cloth

Accessory company MaxUpgrades has announced a protective sleeve and a microfiber laptop cleaning cloth for Apple laptops.

TheMaxSleeve is an impact-resistant sleeve for PowerBooks and iBooks that provides shock protection.

MaxSleeve is made of Visco-Elastic polyurethane foam that envelopes the whole notebook, providing padded protection from all sides and direction against external impact or shock. It is made of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, encases the entire notebook, offers foam padding throughout the entire surface.

It is available for 12- and 14-inch iBooks for US$23.50, the 12-inch PowerBook for $23.50, the15-inch PowerBook for $24.99, and the 17-inch PowerBook for $27.99.

MaxUpgrades has also announced the iProtect Cleaning Cloth, which is made with ultrafine microfibers to remove dust particles, grease and fingerprints that reside on the LCD surface.

The cloth has a soft vanquished front surface designed for fine particle removal and dust cleaning and a rough knitted surface on the reversed side designed to clean fingerprints, grease and marks.

The cleaning cloth retails for retailing for $8.99