Maya Updated For Mac OS X 10.1.1 & Three New Video Cards

Alias|Wavefront has released an update to Maya Complete, bringing the 3D solution to version 3.5.1. The new version adds support for Mac OS X 10.1.1, in addition to three new video cards. From Alias|Wavefront:

Alias|Wavefront(tm), an SGI company, announced that its Maya Complete(tm) software version 3.5.1 for Mac(r) OS X v10.1.1 begins shipping today. Maya(r) the entertainment industryis leading 3D animation and effects software package has been very well received within the computer graphics (CG) industry since its release on the Macintosh(r) platform this past September. The current upgrade will be available free of charge to all existing Maya 3.5 customers.

"Having Maya 3.5.1 qualified on Mac OS X v10.1.1 not only enables our customers to take advantage of the latest improvements to the operating system, it allows them more options in graphics cards qualified for Maya," explains Andrew Pearce, director of Maya technologies, Alias|Wavefront. "We are committed to the Mac platform and have worked hard to get this update out as quickly as possible after the initial release of the product."

With the first release of Maya for Mac OS X, Maya Complete was made native to the Macintosh. Features unique to the Mac version include support for QuickTime(r) and AppleScript(r), tear off menus in the hot box, and a fully Aqua(r) interface.

New graphics cards supported under Maya 3.5.1 include ATI(r) Mobility Radeon(tm), NVIDIA(r) GeForce2 MX(tm) and NVIDIA GeForce3(tm).

Alias|Wavefrontis Conductor development partners are also lining up to support Maya on Appleis new operating system. Conductor partners provide such important ancillary products as: plug-ins to enhance workflow, market-specific tools, hardware devices and complementary applications.

"We have experienced tremendous demand for REALVIZ(r) Stitcher(r), our panorama-building software since making it available on the Macintosh," says Emmanuel Javal, President, REALVIZ Corp. We have also recently announced plans to port REALVIZ ImageModeler(r) to the Mac platform. With the release of Maya for Mac OS X, Mac artists will be able to easily create high resolution stitched images and build 3D models from photographs, animate them and publish them directly to the web using our combined technologies."

The core features of the Mac OS X version of Maya are the same as those in Maya for other platforms.

Maya Complete is priced at US$7,500, and you can find more information on the product at Alias|Wavefrontis Web site. The company says that Maya 3.5.1 will be shipping on CD to existing customers.