Media 100 Releases New Content Creation Tool

Media 100 has released a new full-featured streaming media production studio. Media 100 i includes a full suite of tools allowing users to create high quality, interactive, streaming content. The new package is targeted at web designers, content creators, and Internet broadcasters, and is centered around Media 100is popular Cleaner application. According to Media 100:

Media 100 Inc., the leading provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today announced the immediate availability of the Media 100 i(TM) series of professional interactive streaming production solutions. The worldis first interactive streaming production system, Media 100 i defines a new category of streaming media solutions that enable Internet broadcasters, web designers and digital content creators to author interactive content specifically designed to leverage the multidimensional, interactive capabilities of the Internet.

With Media 100 i, web designers can create streaming media content with which viewers can directly interact. Media 100 i incorporates sophisticated interactive streaming media technology from Cleaner 5 - called EventStream(TM) technology -- that enables web designers to embed interactive, multidimensional instructions directly into streaming media programs to trigger highly visual, content-rich capabilities, including graphics, Flash animations and Java applications - all synchronized with the streaming video on the web site. Using Media 100 i, web designers can define hot spots, URL flips and chapter marks, allowing viewers to interact with streaming media programs by clicking on objects to gather information, launch related web sites from the video and even purchase items in the streaming video.

Redefining the Streaming Media Workflow
Media 100 i is a unique streaming media solution, enabling customers to capture, edit, author, encode and publish video to the Internet within one seamless, tightly-integrated streaming media workflow. Unlike more traditional approaches to content creation for the Internet, Media 100 i creates a new workflow paradigm for Internet broadcasters and web designers within a single solution. This approach is a shift away from traditional linear production of stagnant, one-way video to a dynamic production process that enables creation of interactive, multi-dimensional streaming media. Media 100 has developed sophisticated technology to support interactive streaming production throughout all aspects of the streaming media workflow.

Pricing for Media 100 i is based on software configurations, and ranges from US$3,495 to US$17,995. You can find more information at the Media 100 web site.