Medical Billing Circle Updated To 6.8

Silvamber Software LTD. has released an update for Medical Billing Circle, bringing it to version 6.8. Medical Billing Circle is a billing app designed for medical offices and hospitals. The latest version features the production of Electronic Claims submissions. According to Silvamber Software LTD:

Silvamber Software LTD. of Elgin, Illinois announces the latest version of their medical office software product for Mac OS 9.x.

Along with many other features, this version produces Electronic Claims submissions and automates their dialup uploads in the ANSI X 12 4010 Professional Claims format as mandated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

You can find more information about the Medical Billing Circle update at the Silvamber Software Web site. Medical Billing Circle is available for US$1,290.00 as a standalone program.