MegaSeg Maintenance Update Enhances MP3 Importing

Fidelity Media has released an update for MegaSeg, bringing it to version 2.5.3. MegaSeg is an MP3 sound mixer designed for mobile DJis and automated radio stations. The update features several enhancements including improved MP3 importing. According to Fidelity Media:

Fidelity Media released an update to their MegaSeg mobile DJ and radio station music automation application.

MegaSeg 2.5.3 is a maintenance release which includes improvements to MP3 file importing, database import/exporting, cue/previewing, internal file handling code, and other minor interface adjustments.

You can find more information about the MegaSeg update at the MegaSeg Web site. MegaSeg 2.5.3 is available for US$169.00.